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On Site HR Support

On Site HR Support

While you (or your in house HR team) are busy with the day-to-day details and fire fighting, the more strategic, and very important, HR functions can often get sidelined. We are able to be your extra pair of HR hands, either working on your business as usual activities or one-off projects as HR Consultancy.

Our HR consultants can work on site at your business providing:

services tailored to fit all your needs for HR consultancy

Retention & Remuneration strategies - we can design remuneration systems, development and mentoring plans, new processes and better reviews to motivate and retain your best employees.

Procedures & Processes - we can design performance review systems that are tailored to your specific business requirements, train your managers how to confidently undertake best practice review and support the process.

Recruitment & Candidate Selection Services

Review existing employment agreements or prepare new ones

HR Support and Advice - supporting you manage difficult employment situations and grow your confidence with HR management.

Performance Management

Coaching & Training - developing your leaders, supervisors and managers to get the best our of the team and maintain full productivity.

Legal Compliance - ensuring your HR practices comply with employment and other relevant laws.

We can reduce your operating expenses, cut resignation risk and increase employee productivity across your business.

HR Consultancy by Saurashtra Solutions

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