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Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

At Saurashtra Solutions, we’ll help you lay the groundwork for how your business runs from day-day with a new or updated handbook. We conduct practice audits to facilitate the employers to development of procedure manuals and employee handbooks.

We implement HR strategies that align your workforce with your business objectives. Our team assess & design policies after understanding the value system, short term and long term goals of our clients' businesses. Considering the scenario in Indian Industry, this particular area of Policies and procedures to the employees and organizations is ignored to a greater extent.

Policies and Procedures are the backbone of an ORGANIZATION.

However, in the recent past many medium and small sized organizations have started paying attention to this aspect and is being treated as an Important part of the organization to get the best output of employees.

What we suggests:

According to the current Industries Practices and employer suggestion our team develops the policies and procedures. We area a team of experienced professionals in Core HR domain from different industries, so based on our industry experiences also we suggest.

Never Compromising On Services

If you are on the verge of business expansion or venturing in India for any other reason, we are the right partners for you to introduce or streamline your Human Resource process. Our experts will be glad to advice you on the employee Handbook and other Policy Development. We will help you understand the complexity and undertake the administration of the same.

Why Choose Saurashtra Solutions as Trusted Partner

  • We are highly professional, long term player with extensive industry exposure and experience in the particular vertical.
  • We have strategically positioned our brand as a professional human resource partner to satisfy the skills gap of the highly competitive Industry.
  • Improve Staff Development.
  • We are a team of fully experienced and qualified professionals, who basically understand your requirement before start working on it.
  • Competitive and cost-effective to help you reduce your costs and maximise the return on your investment.

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